Texas Hill Country Foundation Repairs

Providing Pier and Beam Construction in Fredericksburg, TX for Years

We are proud of our reputation as an excellent service provider of pier and beam construction in Fredericksburg, TX. Our history of service and excellence in our work is manifested in every foundation job that we handle. This helps us distinguish ourselves from the rest of the foundation repair companies in the county.

Conventional Foundation Damage

Pier & Beam Construction - the cause of failures of this type of construction primarily relates to the deterioration materials which is accelerated over time due to soil conditions under your home. Undersized support of the structure can also cause pier and beam foundation failure. This leaves your structure unleveled and potentially unsafe for the residents of the house.

Block & Base Construction - similar to pier and beam construction, block and base foundation problems are usually the result of foundation materials and components deteriorating over time, as well as undersized support that may compromise the overall integrity of the structure.

Foundation settling and shifting can be caused by building a structure on expanding or contracting soil, improperly compacted fill soils, or poor and erroneous maintenance of the earth around the foundation. Whatever the cause of a settling foundation is, this settlement can ruin a building’s value and even render it unsafe or unlivable. Texas Hill Country Construction & Foundation Repairs stabilizes failing or settling foundations with our proven, engineered piering system. This includes repairing cracked areas and reinforcing settling foundations to ensure your foundation is as stable as possible.

We provide various solutions to solve various foundation support issues including: anchor systems, push pier systems, wall anchoring products, and pier and beam construction for your Fredericksburg, TX home. Our on-staff engineers are more than willing to assist you with preliminary project design, as well as provide the technical foundation repair information and support you need.

Whether you are experiencing settling foundations, bowed basement walls, foundation cracks, sagging floor joists, or are building on unsuitable foundation soil, Texas Hill Country Construction & Foundation Repairs has the solution for you. For inquiries, give us a call or send us an email. You can also visit our CONTACT US page and leave us a message by filling out the form. If your foundation is compromised, you know who to call Texas Hill Country Construction & Foundation Repairs.