Texas Hill Country Foundation Repairs

Providing you with Innovative Landscaping in Fredericksburg, TX

Texas Hill Country Construction & Foundation Repairs innovates landscaping in Fredericksburg, TX by providing new unique ways to give what our clients need and require regardless of irrigation. With the use of techniques such as zero-scaping, we develop your yard into a beautiful spectacle for the neighborhood without you having to undergo any backbreaking labor.

If you’re a post modernist who likes your yard a lot less green and more practical, we provide zero scape installation for your Fredericksburg, TX home, covering up needed areas of your yard with cement, stone, and other similar materials so you can utilize it for your own personal use. Given the relative severity of Texas heat, traditional methods of landscaping does not fit well with its climate. That is why we incorporate zero-scaping. What is zero-scaping? Unlike other types of landscaping, zero-scaping, or xeriscaping on a more technical term, uses only a few low-water plant species in the landscape. Some zero-scapes are even displayed without any plant installations needed at all.  Whatever the case, this means you get a colorful looking yard without the need for too much irrigation when you resort to this landscaping style. With this, not only will you be able to reap the benefits of such landscape, but you will also pay less for your water bill.

Our experts will work on your yard with precision and artistry. They understand the importance of symmetry and balance when it comes to landscaping, making for a better-looking property. You don't have to look for any other landscaping specialist in town as we are the ace in the game.

Make way for plant installation services!

We haven’t restricted our services to only zero-scape installation practices as we have a separate team focusing entirely on planting installations. Our well-trained and experienced garden designers are well known for their signature designs that tackle both formal and informal gardens.

Why we are the best?

Want to know why you should give Texas Hill Country Construction & Foundation Repairs for all your gardening and planting needs? Well, let’s talk about the services.

  • We offer initial design consultation for those dealing with gardening for the first time.
  • From basic garden design plans to container garden designer needs, we have everything covered just for you.
  • We offer you help with seasonal annual floral bed installation and even covering garden lighting paths.
  • We have a wide selection of plant and material just for you. From flower placement to shrubbery, and even greenery components, we have all that you need to make your garden completely unique to yours.

If you want us to work on your garden beds, we are down for that! Let us cover all your landscaping and gardening needs. For more information, send us an email or give us a call. You can also leave us a message by visiting our CONTACT US page and filling up the form.

Texas Hill Country Construction & Foundation Repairs, the best in innovative landscaping design and construction.